Who I am

How did I fall into the « Salesforce World »

I’m a 30 years old entrepreneur who built her life around a job she’s passionate about and a lifestyle she loves. I can choose my projects, invest my time in missions I recognize myself in and help companies with values in line with mine.

My « Salesforce story » begins in 2014, after a master’s degree in « Marketing for service orientated companies », when I decided to move to London and joined the marketing department of a coffee company, using Salesforce.com in a very inefficient manner. The potential of the platform was clear to me and I understood that developing technical skills could be a real advantage for the company … and for myself. I quickly became the CRM Manager, responsible for the maintenance and the improvements of Salesforce but, limited by financial and political issues, I decided after few months that it was time for me to work for a Salesforce consultancy firm.

I deepened my knowledges working for a well established and successful London based Salesforce partner, surrounded by passionate and very talented people, who helped me to develop my skills set, the technical skills of course, but also the functional and the managerial ones.
These two years have been the confirmation that I love being a consultant and that the job fits perfectly my personality and allows me to learn and grow every day, professionally and personally.

After 4 years, it’s time for me to leave the hugeness and craziness of London. I decided to spend a year travelling the world to take a step back, to think about what life I wanted to build, and also to go back home, in the south west of France.

The basque coast is where I decide to land, and is where I’m writing from …
If you want to know more about my background, my experience of if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate and …